Happy Mother’s Day~

The first time I saw my mom knit, I was 5 yr old. She knitted me and my brother sweaters. I still remember she used a variegated yellow white yarn for that sweater. Some photos were taken at the highland trip and they are not with me. If there is a chance, I will scan it and post it up here.

I always know that I inherit the crafty and artistic genes from my mom as she is always interested in doing that. She can write, draw very good. She did not knit anymore after the sweater project till I was 21, the year I went Scotland for college, she picked up the needles again and knitted me few scarves.

I love my mom dearly and just like most other mothers and daughters, we have our love-hate relationship too. She was very strict to me all the years I was raised. Of course I know she just wanted the best for us. I am not a parent yet but I always know that when I am one, I will raise and educate my kids the way my mom did probably less harsh. LOL. The older I get, the more I see the similarities between my mom and I. The way we talk, we laugh, we eat. Even the way our fats store. :D

Marrying this far away is not easy to me. I always miss my parents but I never call home crying and tell them how much I miss them probably not wanting to worry them. Things get much better after my mom gets internet access and we can talk online almost everyday but I truly wishing to have them around me all the time.

It is Mother’s day this coming Sunday. I want to wish every mom a Happy Mother’s day. Being mom is the hardest task in the world and I am glad that I have three wonderful moms in my life. (my mom, mother in law and godmother). Word can’t express how much I love my mom. I wish to spend more time with her and do a lot of things with her; traveling, shopping, knitting, watching TV, swimming, chatting…  I don’t think she is a reader of this blog but I will definitely ring her up this Sunday to tell her that I love her~ :)

2012-05-11 15.21.25

I love you, my mama~

2012-05-11 15.22.26

My little brother and I wearing the sweaters that my mom knitted. Precious~

(I went through all the old photos I brought with me from Malaysia and I found the photo of my brother and I in the sweaters my mom hand-knitted us. :) Sigh, I miss my family badly!)

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May May May!!!

Wow, 2 months passed since the last post I had made. I have been back to Dallas for about a month and I am back to my daily routine lifestyle too. ONLY if I could push myself harder to back to the gym, things will be probably much better. Anyway, it is good to be back and enjoy the Spring. This year, John and I finally conquer the lazy bugs and work on the front yard. We build two little flower bed around two trees with some annual flowers and we are really happy with that. We have more plans for the front yard and weekends seems more exciting than usual because we get to work on the front yard together and honestly I enjoy those quality time. I just wish that Spring will not slip away too fast because Summer is just too unbearable for me.


I trimmed those bushes. My weak arm muscles hurt after that. bleh!


We name it the Dolores garden! :)


Before n After

Rec Rev is finally done!!! and I love the outcome so very much. The pattern is already released week ago and it is free with the purchase of the triangular shawl Rev or you can purchase it alone for 4usd. I wish I could have time in the future to make a bigger version of Rec Rev with a skein of beautiful Wollmeise lace and I believe it will be even a prettier shawl.


Rec Rev




Besides Rec Rev, a lace shawl that I designed for A Verb For Keeping Warm has published too. Kyri is a large shawl that knitted up with a beautiful skein of AVFKW high twist lace weight yarn. The colorway name is a cute one – Eva, Ana, and all 3 letter names. Kyri is designed when I was having my Malaysia trip. I brought it with me to everywhere when I travel around and I am happy with how the pattern turns out. This shawl is only available for the pro-verbial club subscription at the moment and it will become available to the public at October.





I am currently working on a shawl that planned for a mystery KAL by June. The progress seems promising so far and I believe a test knit can be done real quick before I start the KAL. Mystery KAL is always fun and I can’t wait to play this with some knitters again.

I am going to end this post with some photos that I took at Malaysia and Singapore. I hope you all will enjoy them! :D


Penang – beautiful old city of Malaysia


One of the old temples at Penang



Ge Lok Si temple at Penang






Melaka Jonker Street


Petronas Twin Tower Kuala Lumpur


USA bear


Malaysia Bear


Singapore Skyline – amazingly beautiful


Cute merlion at Singapore


Sunset at the beach of Miri town


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Rec Rev

Finally, I got to knit quite much for the past few days. I came back to hometown and spend a whole week here with my parents. The traveling has been hectic lately and I got myself a flu as well. The coughing was killing me especially when I was at Singapore. After second course of antibiotic, I am feeling much better now.

There is only one project on my needles now after the triangle shawl Rev. I am making a rectangular shawl/wrap using the Rev pretty leaf lace stitches in fingering weight yarn. I plan to use two skein of yarn to complete this shawl and I know it will take a while to get it done. So far I have completed 3 repeats of the patterns and used less than half of the skein.


It is a beautiful dark teal and the color is a little off here!

A new project shall start real soon and I need to turn on my turbo mode again!


When I was 6...


Beautiful plant that my parents have in the garden



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I really had spent a long time to complete this shawl. I was not happy with certain part of the middle spine section of this shawl and I frogged twice to fix that up. Finally, this shawl is completed and the pattern has been tech edited.

This is a very exciting fun shawl because it is reversible. You get two different stitch pattern out of a shawl. A twisted leaves pattern show on the right side of this shawl and a soft wavy leaves pattern show on the wrong side. If you love leaf lace pattern like I do, you will have fun making this shawl. This shawl can be knitted up so quickly because the whole body of it is made up of simple reverse stockinette rows.



Without the body foam I have at home, I get a favor from my bestie to pose this shawl for me. This bottom-up shawl size can be easily modified by adding extra repeats on each triangle. Like most of my designs, this pattern also include both written and chart patterns.


ShinYen with Rev


Twisted leave pattern on the RS of Rev

Rev – 5.00usd

This pattern is released 2 weeks later than what I wanted but I am really happy that it is available for sales now. I am here at Malaysia for almost 4 weeks already and spending time with my parents and friends are just fantastic. Of course, I have been missing my DH, my dog and my cat terribly. John will come join me at mid March and it will be exciting to have a short trip with him here.

There is one project on my needle now and I haven’t touched it for more than 10 days already. I brought few balls of yarn with me but I think I can only make one more thing before I fly back to the States. I stay at my parents’ place this week and it is good to hang out with them. I realized that I still behave like a small kid around them. Time does wonder on many things. It ages our parents faster than we want. I pray that my parents can live healthily and happily for many many years. I want to learn to express my love to them better and better.

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3rd Feb – 32nd !

I turn 32nd on 3rd Feb and I had a simple yet happy celebration with my family. It is hard to believe that I am already 32. I wish myself a very happy 32nd birthday –  the older the wiser, the healthier and the prettier! lol!


Happy Birthday to me! :)

I am having a very good time at Malaysia and I have been busy traveling around visiting my friends. Most friends that have migrated oversea come back for Chinese New Year too and we try to meet up everyone before this trip ends. There are still many friends that I haven’t seen yet. I am trying my best to squeeze everyone in any available slot.

There are not much knitting going on lately and I am still working on the pattern of Rev. I know I should have be more focus on it but the weather and busy schedule here make things pretty hard. Therefore, I decide to take my pace on it!


I am working hard on it... Rev

I din’t make any appointment with anyone this morning and I just want some quiet time for myself at home, listening to music, blogging, editing photos and work a little on the pattern. There are many photos taken in some interesting places the past few weeks. I definitely would like to share some here in upcoming posts.

January has gone and February is here, pretty soon March will come and John will join me in this trip. I am so looking forward to having John here! I am missing my DH, my dog pepe and cat skittle!


My brother's place


Hope to visit to NYC soon!

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Blyth Shawlette

Finally, Blyth is published! Blyth is the first shawl I designed for The Knitter and it is published on the latest issue, 41. I was so excited when the deputy editor Rosee invited me to design a shawl for their magazine last year. Things went so smoothly and they sent me a skein of beautiful fingering sock yarn that dyed by I knit or dye. They probably could have read my mind because the colorway is drop dead gorgeous and I love the name of it too, ship of promises!


It is rather a challenging and fun knit. I combined 3 beautiful lace patterns for this shawl and the first lace pattern at the edging is an interesting knit. I have been waiting for this magazine since weeks ago. It is so exciting to see my first ever design being published on a magazine. I downloaded a digital copy from Apple application store and I showed it around to my family and friends. They are so proud of me and can’t believe I actually make my hobby into something bigger.


me me me!


I am really thankful for this given opportunity and I definitely hope to have more chance to have my patterns published! Life is good!


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Chinese New Year – Dragon Year!

I am home for Chinese New Year and I touched down at the late evening of Thursday. It is soo good to see my family again! The weather is all humid and warm but I think I am adapting well.

My hometown is only 45 mins away from the main capital city and this year we are celebrating the Chinese New Year at my hometown. Another 25 mins will be the first day of CNY (it last 15 days) and we do reunion dinner at the new year eve. Of course you can do lunch if you want that. This year, we had our reunion lunch and it is always good to taste mom’s cook! I love all of them!

I have been knitting and this I can promise that the new shawl pattern will be able to release real soon! :)


Mom's cook the best!


chicken drumstick!

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